Ever-Increasing Reports of Abuse

Reports of abuse for adults is an ever-increasing issue. Record numbers of cases are being reported every year and yet many cases still go unreported. With the aging population of the US getting larger, the demand on APS staff is becoming overwhelming. Agencies are faced with heavier caseloads, lack of tools and lack access to data and systems to do their jobs effectively.

PeerPlace APS Case Management System

PeerPlace APS Case Management system is National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS) ready. It provides the collaborative tools needed to manage investigations by being able to document and review each incident of abuse, neglect or exploitation. PeerPlace APS Case Management System automates workflow for case workers and managers, helping them to maintain compliance with all required policies and procedures.

Software as a Service

PeerPlace APS is a Case Management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables APS agencies to track and manage reports of abuse or neglect of adults within the community. PeerPlace APS provides a comprehensive set of tools to track and manage all related case information from: Initial Report, Screening, Intake, Investigation, Service Plan Management, Investigation and Reporting.

PeerPlace APS provides an end to end solution for APS case management workers, supervisors and management to be able to make key decisions while working through the complexities of the APS process.   Access to key information in a timely and consistent manner will help in providing the highest level of care and support to clients in need of services.

·       Provide a Higher Level of Care to Adults in Need

·       Provide Better Collaboration Across the Network of Care

·       Improve Quality of Investigations

·       Manage Caseloads More Effectively

·       Improve Staff Productivity

·       Improve Access to Critical Data

·       Improve Reporting and Reduce Errors

·       Measure Program Effectiveness Better