PeerPlace Analytics module helps clients ensure timely service delivery and management, meet funder objectives and measure key performance indicators (KPIs). This module provides the tools and training required to measure KPIs and report on the outcomes of programs and services.

PeerPlace Analytics Key Features

  • An intuitive daily use productivity report for care managers and supervisors.
  • Management reports and global visibility across all care managers, supervisors and providers.
  • Proactive escalation reports for key service delivery dates.
  • DataMart integration to analyze and trend (member level) care management data across all covered services and providers.
  • Interactive DataMart dashboards to analyze utilization, identify gaps in care, unmet needs, outcomes and effectiveness of services provided.
  • Access, schedule and publish reports on service delivery metrics, view outcomes using bar and pie charts and statistical trends and storyboards.
  • Real-time information to support daily operations and drive critical decisions.
  • Rich data visualization reports, including, charts, maps and spark-lines.