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PeerPlace Partner Programs

All members of the PeerPlace Partner Program must meet the same high standards for market knowledge, vision, integrity and customer satisfaction that PeerPlace sets for itself. PeerPlace Partner Members can participate in the Consulting and/or Value-Added Reseller programs as described below:

• Consulting Program - This program provides for the identification and subsequent installation of PeerPlace solutions in other business sectors and regions of the country. Consulting Program Members commit significant time, resources and expertise to facilitate these efforts.

• Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program - This program permits partners to sell licenses for the use of PeerPlace software. PeerPlace customers benefit from the ability of the VAR Program to extend PeerPlace capabilities through implementation and value-added components, thus creating a complete solution. Value-Added Reseller Program Members devote significant time, resources and expertise to deliver high-quality services and support to customers.

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