Markets We Serve

PeerPlace provides a flexible software platform to deliver industry-specific solutions that integrate service delivery across multiple markets. PeerPlace continually incorporates the latest business and system requirements for the markets we serve.

Long Term Services and Supports (ltss)

PeerPlace data management software provides a collaborative framework to connect state aging and disabilities agencies and community-based aging and disabilities service providers in support of the Administration on Community Living (ACL) initiatives. This allows state and local agencies to deliver long-term services and supports to people with disabilities and older adults to help them live independently. PeerPlace continually incorporates national best practices that support multi-system interoperability by following the national standards set by the Office of National Coordinator for eLTSS.

PeerPlace software supports a person-centered model that allows individuals and their families to have choice, control and access to services and supports regardless of payer source. PeerPlace is compliant with state and federal reporting standards and tools (e.g. NAPIS, NAMRS, NORS, SART, SRT and ORT).

With PeerPlace, agencies and servicer providers are able to collect accurate and reliable data on outcomes, populations served and program effectiveness. PeerPlace DataMart and/or Data Warehouse reporting dashboards are used to track, trend and analyze all aspects of the data collected. Reporting dashboards measure the cost and efficacy of community services and supports, and cost savings due to the delay or avoidance of acute health care results from acute care and residential facility admissions.

Maternal, Infant and Child Services

PeerPlace perinatal data management software builds shared linkages between health care and other community providers that serve high-need families, including WIC, home visitation, early care and education, mental health and substance abuse, domestic violence, income assistance and many other services. With an interoperable software platform, PeerPlace establishes a community system for prenatal risk assessment, referral and follow-up. This includes standardized prenatal risk screening and communication forms, structured referral processes between clinical practices, health plans, local health departments and other community service providers. PeerPlace supports centralized risk assessments, referrals and coordinated follow-up services across multiple participating health and human service providers within a community. Additionally, PeerPlace can integrate community health workers/peer health advisors into health care practice teams to provide ongoing reinforcement, follow-up and systems navigation support for high-need patients.

Helping Managed Care Organizations (mco's)

PeerPlace Data Management Software helps MCOs manage complex LTSS members by connecting their contracted service providers. Using PeerPlace, MCO scan identify covered services provided by each provider and track multiple provider locations (e.g. address, primary billing contracts, service profiles, etc.).

PeerPlace software tracks and reports contracted rates, budgets, costs, authorized services and claims. Management reports are configurable with global visibility across all care managers, supervisors and providers to ensure proactive monitoring of service delivery.

Additionally, PeerPlace supports MCO requirements for comparing authorized services against delivered services to proactively identify gaps in service delivery. Community service providers and agencies can utilize the PeerPlace framework to meet time-critical initial assessment dates for their members, thus avoiding financial penalties.

Adult Protective Services (APS)

PeerPlace provides case management software solutions to manage services and supports for state and local agencies that serve physically and/or mentally impaired adults. Our APS software supports agencies as they address the risks faced by eligible adults.

PeerPlace APS software is National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS) ready. It also provides the collaborative tools needed to manage investigations by being able to view each incident of abuse, neglect or exploitation. PeerPlace APS Case Management System automates workflow for case workers, helping them to maintain compliance with required policies and procedures and integrates with 211 Call Centers.

Behavioral Health Initiatives

PeerPlace Data Management Software for behavioral health builds upon existing case management and coordinated care planning modules to assist behavioral health service providers with tracking and managing their patients securely. Our collaborative framework enables organizations to manage patients across multiple behavioral health care providers. PeerPlace is compliant with the latest confidentiality and security standards and is designed to track case notes, screenings and assessments as well as many other functions.

PeerPlace has been approved to deliver interRAI ( inter-rater reliable screening and assessment tools specifically designed for behavioral health. InterRAI tools promote evidence-informed clinical practice and policy decision making. These tools have been integrated into the PeerPlace framework to deliver true analytical reporting, trending of evidence-based outcomes and longitudinal analysis.