PeerPlace I&R is an intuitive interface to effectively communicate with consumers while searching for resources on eligible services and logging data about the call. This interface allows I&R specialist to track and manage multiple information requests at one time. The I&R module is linked to the PeerPlace Universal Referral System allowing I&R specialists to effortlessly process referrals and communicate with the consumer. PeerPlace I&R offers reports and work lists that provide real-time visibility into open and completed consumer contacts while seamlessly collecting required NAPIS and SART reporting data.

PeerPlace I&R Key Features

  • Interfaces with all PeerPlace modules to ensure timely support and reporting of consumers in need of services and supports.
  • Collects all required data elements for consumer contacts, topics discussed, activities and outcomes.
  • Automatically generates SART Reports at the push of a button.
  • Configurable to meet new program and service data collection and reporting.
  • Simplifies tracking and reporting service for caregivers and care receivers.
  • Provides I&R Specialist with a personal queue to manage follow-ups.
  • Automatically routes consumer accessible web-based self-screening and request for service forms for processing and follow-up.